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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i love...

1) that Dylan always says, "I love you too." Even if you didn't say it first. I especially love when he says, "I love you too sweetheart." How cute is that? He makes my heart happy.

2) that if you show Logan a photo with him in it, he points to himself and says, "Baby!" Dylan always calls Logan "Baby" or "the baby" and apparently now Logan has adopted it as well.

3) that Dylan announces the emotional impact of every decision made in our household. No more apple juice today? "That makes Dylan sad." Going to the playground today? "That makes Dylan happy!" And yes, it's always announced in the third person.

4) seeing Logan attempt more and more complex words. And he does so well with them too - "alligator" and "octopus" among them.

5) how every meal - be it breakfast, lunch or dinner - Dylan tells me he wants fish sticks, green peas and dip. (All he really wants is the dip... aka ketchup!)

6) how Logan only wants mommy to pick him up out of his crib in the morning. If Kevin goes in to get him, Logan lies back down and pretends that he's going back to sleep.

7) that Dylan loves to cuddle. Every morning tells me, "I want to sit with mommy." And he does. He just wants to sit on the sofa and cuddle until he's fully awake.

8) that whenever you ask Logan if he's sleepy, he vigorously shakes his head no, even if he can barely keep his eyes open. I ask him several times a day now just for the fun of it. :)

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